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WL Productions is one of the leading production service companies in France for Asian Projects.  


We provide a wide range of production services : feature films, TV series, commercials… WL was founded by Fanghui WANG and François LEBOURG.


The driving force is our experienced multi-lingual team and his great experience of producing foreign films in France

We are officially represented by Film France (National Film Commission) and we work closely with them.


Our job is to allow foreign productions to realize their projects in the best conditions.

We work everywhere in France and also have several partners in Europe to cover a maximum of shooting territories.


Do not hesitate to contact us, our teams will be happy to work on your projects and make a quote with suggestions for shooting locations.


WL Productions is a French production company founded by François LEBOURG and Fanghui WANG. We develop projects of short films and feature films in coproduction.

We are always looking for talented writer-directors to work with them on their projects.

WL productions


François LEBOURG _ Co-owner / General producer


François LEBOURG started as a producer of short films. At the same time, he works as a location manager on French feature films such as: "Micmacs" by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amelie) or "3 Hearts" and "Eva" by Benoit Jacquot. It's as Line Producer on about fifty commercials films then on Chinese films that he will evolve and meet Fanghui Wang. Together, they will develop the production service at Bayoo Productions and create WL Productions in 2019.

Pauline WANG _ Line producer / Producer

After a bachelor in law, Pauline WANG yielded to the temptation of the media world. She gained experience in the digital and commercials industry in the UK before joining WL Productions back to France. She is participating to the development of the new cinema branch while serving as line producer for the executive production projects.

Fanghui WANG _ Co-owner / producer

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