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Paris is not in a good mood


Director : Bo Li ZHANG

Year : 2017

Chinese TV series

Synopsis :

As a lawyer, Ruan Manjun helps her boyfriend through his company's financial crisis out of emotion, unintentionally breaking the law and losing her license. On the day she is released from prison, she discovers her boyfriend has married someone else. Feeling hopeless, Ruan meets Tong Zhuoyao, who has also suffered from a broken heart. Despite Tong's successful career and desire to help her, Ruan insists on starting from scratch as a delivery person and works her way up in a foreign trade company. Through her hard work and knowledge, she becomes a key business person in the company. Though others thought she was content, Ruan decides to regain her license and use the law to help those in need. With her independent and strong-willed personality, she wins Tong's love.

TV trailer of "Paris not in a good mood" (2017)

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